June 26, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXVII: A Morning Session with R_ on Loch Duich

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
In the seventeen days I spent in Scotland, only a handful had sunshine; on this day, the forecast for Skye was rain all day, so we headed to the mainland…within fifteen minutes of being across the bridge, we were driving in sunshine. We stopped by the highway and scrambled down to the lochside, to work with one of the few warm days we’d have in Scotland. . R_ had, the day before, asked if she could do some images in water, so that was already in my head, but when I saw the seaweed floating in the loch, I immediately knew what I wished to work with!
Digital infrared original
The above image is one of the most poetic photographs I have ever made...it has such a magical quality to the pose, the light and the tonality. I doubt I could reproduce the look on demand, but it is very appealing to me none the less.
Digital original
The receding layers of the highland mountains surrounding Loch Duich were lovely, especially with the mirroring of their layers in the sky above.

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