June 27, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXX:R_ and I arrive at Kingussie

One challenge to working while traveling is the whole question of finding and checking into accommodations; in this case, I had until 6pm to confirm the booking at the night's B&B, so as soon as R_ and I arrived in Kingussie, we registered at the B&B, and took possession of our room. After the long drive across the country, I was a little road-fried, and R_ wished to take a shower before we headed out for dinner and perhaps another photo session.
Digital infrared original

I'd noticed the wonderful window light when we'd first arrived, and after R_ was through with her shower, I asked if she'd sit by the window so I could work with the lovely directional light. As it presented a welcome change from old building and rough landscape, she was more than happy to oblige.
Digital infrared original
The window seat images were followed up by a small number of nudes made upon R_'s bed; the light was just beautiful to work with, and created a lovely sculptural effect in infrared. Less than five minutes after the first images, I set the cameras aside, and R_ dressed, so we could head across the street for dinner.
Digital infrared original
It is fascinating to me how little is required to recharge a person; no more than a 5 minute rest with my eyes closed on the bed while R_ took her shower, followed by 5 minutes of photography refreshed both of us enough for not only a robust pub dinner, but a final photo session to close out the day.

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