June 03, 2008

Nicole's First Session

Digital infrared original
This image was made during my first session with Nicole, within fifteen minutes of her first experience with modeling nude. I think there is an incredible strength flowing through this image. Though we were working in an old military ruin, the image is still made with the simplest of settings - natural window light.
Digital infrared original
Almost all the images in the first session with Nicole focused on portraiture; her poise in front of the camera was fabulous to work with, and the confidence which came through in the resulting photographs is really striking.
Digital original
I didn't make many images in colour during this session, preferring the the luminous skin and dark eyes of the infrared camera, but in some cases, the light worked just as well in colour (though I don't like the green shift in the shadows, coming from all the foliage outside the ruin we were working within.

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