June 23, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XX: R_ in the Scottish Landscape

Digital original
After R_ and I finished working at Dunscaith Castle, we moved to the far side of the headland, and shifted to working in the privacy of the shoreline looking out into Loch Slapin. Here the shoreline was rich in potential spaces, and for close to an hour we moved from space to space, enjoying the warm day, and the beautiful setting.
Digital original
I photographed foxglove on my first day in Scotland, but I was really pleased to be able to work with one in conjunction with a model; to me, the beautiful flower seems as Scottish as a thistle, and far easier to find. The contrast between R_'s warm skin tone, and the rich pink-purple of the foxglove made for a very pleasing image.
Digital original, 6 frame stitch
The biggest lesson from my first portfolio, with Victoria in Alberta, in 1999, was that it was really important to make some images which are archetypal for the location - images that could be made nowhere else. In this case, the Black Cuillins in the background provide the perfect hallmark of Skye.

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