June 22, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XVII:A Sunday with Victoria

Digital original, 3 frame exposure blend
After spending a great Saturday with Ingrid, Miranda and Victoria, Sunday was spent with Victoria and I working together on our own. This was one of the few woodland Nudes I made in Scotland - the location was quite wind-swept, which kept the midges away. I was particularly pleased by this image, with the large branch above nicely framing Victoria, and the sweeping hills behind her speaking of the wildness that surrounded us.
Digital original
This was the last Nude I made of Victoria in Scotland, on the only day in the entire 17 day visit that was completely midge-free. This old, dead tree had collapsed into a thicket of new bushes, setting Victoria and the stark trunk against a swift-moving rush of green.
Digital original
After seeing Victoria off on her train back to London, I hung out in the village of Lochcarron, waiting for the next train, with R_ on it, to arrive. While waiting, I had a great conversation with this fine horse, who had no objection to having a portrait made.
Digital original
All through Scottish villages and towns were the remains of old buildings, often in the backyards of the new buildings made to replace them. In this case, the old Kirk in Lochcarron was just down the road from the new church.

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