May 31, 2011

Tanis III

Digital infrared original
The last work with Tanis for the day was made on the coast of the Bay of Fundy; we'd timed it so we would have the late afternoon light at low tide, so for much of the last hour of photography, we were well under the high-water line, but high and dry! At the edge of the tide line, some massive trees had collected, providing Tanis with a perfect setting to pose in.
Digital infrared original
Further out towards the ocean, lines of wharf pilings emerged from the ocean floor, long ago sheered off and battered by tides and time. With the afternoon light at a low angle, a careful pose at the end of line of wood caught the light at exactly the right angle.
Digital infrared original
Along the edge of the bay, a high cliff rose, worn away by eons of tides; a gap in the sandstone provided the perfect point of perspective on Tanis, framed by the stone. There can be a certain timeless quality to Nude portraits, and this one is no exception.
Digital infrared original
The last composition of the session, and the end of a long day of photography, was made on one of the sandstone rocks pulled out of the cliff-side by the 10 metre tides. I really enjoyed how stark and delicate Tanis appears upon the bed of rock, rubble and beach rock spreading out beyond her.

Tanis II

Digital infrared original
After we finished up in the grasses by the river, at a loss for other spaces to head to, I took Tanis to an old dilapidated church I'd photographed in years ago. To my surprise (and dismay) the building was in much worse condition, with the roof more or less collapsed into the centre of the structure. Tanis responded to the ruin however, so we began by making some photos in the doorway, taking advantage of the soft, directional light that provided.
Digital infrared original
After some careful testing on my part, we moved into the building, and Tanis worked out some poses taking advantage of the fallen roof. Some of the poses were more dynamic than the above composition, but there is something about the pose which makes this version the most graceful. When I was making it, I had some concerns about the over exposed background (being sun-lit woods), but in the final result, it becomes a simple explosion of light which works well with the rest of the composition.
Digital original
The last images of the session were a series of portraits made against the outside of the old church; the light was incredibly green, we were surrounded by woods and grass, but ultimately that balanced well against Tanis' fair colouring, freckles and red hair.

Tanis I

Digital original
I'd first met with Tanis to talk about working together months ago, but it was only now that the weather was warm enough, and our schedules aligned, that we got a chance to work together. After meeting in Wolfville, we headed off into the surrounding landscape, to find a location to start working in.
Digital infrared original
A distinct disadvantage to working far from home (Tanis lives an hour from Halifax) is the lack of local knowledge. In the end, we just parked in a convenient spot, and walked out into a field, in hopes we'd find some locations to photograph in. As it turned out, the field was rimed by a  dyke, holding back a tidal rive, and on the far side of the dyke, along side the river, was a patch of grass out of sight from the road behind, and in perfect light.
Digital infrared original
For all the at the location worked for privacy and light, it was a little challenging in terms of posing; with only grass, and a rather deep looking river to work with, there wasn't much for Tanis to do except, as she put it, "Stand and look beautiful". Fortunately, that worked well with the light, and we began the day with some really pleasing photographs.

May 29, 2011

Tortured Tulips

Digital original, 2 image focus blend
In the way out of a friend's house, I caught sight of these battered flowers, beaten down by an over night rain. Two quick images, one at f/8 to record the details in the flowers, and one at f/2.8 to record the shallow depth of field I desired behind them, was all that was needed to realized this result.

May 28, 2011

A Prospect Field Trip

Digital original, 2 frame sttich
This field trip was focused on the question of shutter speed, and long exposures, so I opted for Prospect as the location...only to arrive and find it shrouded in fog!
Digital original
As it turned out, the foggy conditions only made long exposures easier (lower light levels), and once we reached the coast proper, it was easy to make exposures in the 2 minute range or longer.
Digital original

May 15, 2011

Symmetry in Stone Artist Talk

I gave the Symmetry in Stone artist talk today, and thoroughly enjoyed both the question I received on the work, and the feedback on the exhibition as a whole.

May 08, 2011

A Waterfront Field Trip (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Every day like clockwork, trains run through the Dartmouth waterfront, and on this occasion, the engine had particularly strong weathering on it - I wish it had stopped, as I would have really enjoyed making some details of it.
Digital original
On such a drab afternoon, the bright yellow cable and plug caught my eye, and a long 300mm lens was pulled into play, to throw the background out of focus, and simplify the context.
Digital original
It is hard not to be sucked into reflections when working around boats and water - in this case, i tried to balance them with a very formal composition of the two hulls side by side; the curve of the dark boat to the corner was particularly pleasing, and mirrored in some ways by the line from the smaller boat.

May 02, 2011

Symmetry in Stone is on the Walls of ViewPoint (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Once the work for Symmetry in Stone was selected, the challenge was deciding how to best present the images in the final exhibition.
In the end, I decided to employ a wide variety of image sizes in the exhibition, from 12"x18" for the smallest prints, to 16"x54" prints for the largest of the ceiling images.
After months of work, many days of printing, and many days of matting and framing, the images for Symmetry in Stone are finally on the walls of ViewPoint Gallery.

May 01, 2011

Symmetry in Stone Exhibition (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Symmetry in Stone will showcase architectural photographs made in South-West England in 2010. Focusing on Gothic Cathedrals and Abbeys, the show explores the beauty of this period of architecture, and celebrates the wonderful stonemasons who created it.