June 17, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part VII:My First Photographs on the Isle of Skye

Digital infrared original, 2 frame exposure blend, two resolution blend
This was an image that was almost not made; Ingrid and Miranda has discussed posing in the alcove, but just before we started, the rain (which had been dogging us all afternoon) returned. We ran for the car, and were about to depart to try to find a less wet location, when the rain stopped again. The three of us shared a quick look, and then headed back into the ruined church. This time the rain held off long enough to complete a full set of images, exploring a variety of poses with each of the models, and both together. This one of Ingrid was the most iconic of the set.
Digital original
The skies in Scotland, and their constant influence upon the light on the landscape below them, were a continue source of delight in Scotland. This was made as we drove towards Elgol, and the evening light was moving down in the sky.
Digital original, 4 frame exposure blend, two frame stitch
This was by far my favourite image from my first day photographing on Skye; the rain clouds which had followed Ingrid, Miranda and I for most of the afternoon were slowly clearing and the setting sun was lighting them from below. I had to carefully position the camera to avoid including roads and wire-lines (not sure if they were telephone or electrical lines) from the image, but this had the side effect of putting me low to the ground, with strongly emphasized the heroic qualities of Ingrid’s pose.

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