June 17, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part V:Photographing in Glen Coe

Digital original, 3 frame exposure blend
The foxglove that is scattered throughout the highlands was a continual source of visual delight and colour through the Scotland trip; perfectly coloured to contrast against the rich greens of the landscape, it was hard not to fall in love with the hardy little plant. This clump was just below the main highway through Glen Coe, but a low angle hid the road from view.

Digital original, 12 frame stitch
The first real figure images in Scotland were made in Glen Coe, during the second day of my visit (Ingrid did model on the first day, but they were a little rushed). Ingrid, Miranda and I had walked up into the mountains some, and came across the most lush stream I’d ever seen, fed by recent rains. The water was warmer than anything Ingrid had worked with in Nova Scotia, but as we didn’t have towels with us, and had miles to go before the next bed and breakfast, we thought to keep Ingrid as dry as possible (though less than ten minutes later, Miranda braved the waters and posed for several images full immersed in the same river).
Digital original, 12 frame stitch
Born in rainfall higher up the mountain, the water coursing around Miranda was warmer than any Nova Scotian stream, but the rocks around her could easily have been transplanted from home, thousands of miles away. It is only the lush forest above her that hints at the Scottish setting.

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