June 16, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part II: My First Nudes in Scotland

Though we were all tired from the (delayed) flight from Canada, I was keen to "get my feet wet" and my my first Nudes in Scotland; on the whole drive north from Glasgow, I kept my eyes peeled for a space that might work well for a short session.
Digital original, 12 frame stitch
I was just before Rest and Be Thankful that the road went over a small river; I immediately asked if either Ingrid or Miranda were up for some photos, an minutes later we were safely parked, and exploring right beside the highway, on what I'd later learn was the Croe Water. As the road was high above the water, it was easy to work safe from prying eyes, and we quickly set to work, making an initial set of images of Ingrid perched beside the rushing water.
Digital original, 10 frame stitch
Both as we were exhausted from travelling (and a four hour delay in departing from Canada), the session was both short (under 20 minutes), and dry; after the first set of images, we moved a little further downstream, to where water-carved rocks were surrounded by the swift moving river. In both colour and infrared, we made a dozen or so compositions, all exploring variations of pose within the same space.
Digital infrared original, 23 frame stitch
Only minutes after we left the Croe water, we pulled off the highway again, when an open rock quary offered a dramatically different setting. The intention was good, but the Scottish weather had other plans, and by the time I made the stitch images for the above composition, it started to spit rain. Ingrid quickly hopped into the composition, and found a handful of poses, which I quickly recorded before she dressed hastily, and we ran for the car, with rain following us behind.

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