June 21, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XV:Summer Solstice in Scotland

Today, Summer Solstice, was a rest day of sorts; Victoria had come up from London for the weekend, and the four of us (three Haligonians, and one ex-pat) ranged across the middle of Scotland for the day, enjoying the warm weather, and lack of rain.
Digital infrared original
Our first destination for the day was Urquhart Castle, which site on the edge of Loch Ness. A very popular caste with tourists, the easiest way to deal with all the other people was to place a massive rock over where they were, turning an otherwise crowded castle into a relatively stark, moody ruin.
Digital infrared original
The second destination was the Clava Cairns, near the battlefield of Colloden; I have always had a deep love for ancient sites, and these stone circles and standing stones were just amazing to behold. Initially I thought it would be impossible to do any Nudes in the space, but with careful attention to the parking lot (having three willing models along provided 2 look-outs at any one time) we managed to make a number of really pleasing photographs.

This was one of the few woodland Nudes I made in Scotland - the location was quite wind-swept, which kept the midges away. I was particularly pleased with how Victoria's body is encapsulated by the stone, and how the branches above frame the image.
Digital infrared original
The last images at the cairns were of Ingrid posing within one of the burial mounds; I normally wouldn't include my own shadow in an image, but as this day, Summer Solstice, was the only time of year that the sun would travel straight into the tomb, I felt leaving my shadow in the image (it is quite subtle, after all) would underscore the day on which the image was made (sadly we were there after high noon, when the light would have aligned perfectly).

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