June 19, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XII:Ingrid at Carron Strath

As soon as we learned there was a small waterfall near Strathcarron, she wanted to explore its possibilities. In the woods, it was so humid and drippy that we actually didn’t notice it was raining for about half the time we worked with the waterfalls.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
The Scottish landscape was far more green and verdant than I was expecting, and initially I thought I’d be returning from Scotland with a wealth of woodland Nudes of the four models I was to be working with. In the end however, only a handful of successful woodland images were made, because of the presence of the ravenous wee beasties known as midges. For this session, Ingrid was able to work in the thick of the woods on account of the constant drizzle which was falling - had it stopped raining, the little bugs would have descended upon her and carried her off whole, I am sure.
Digital original, 6 frame stitch
After making a dozen or so images with the waterfall proper, Ingrid and I moved to making some images in the small waterpool at its base. For all her enthusiasm, Ingrid was too cool (i.e. too sensible) to do full immersion in the water, so the best we could come up with is the above image.
Digital original, 10 frame stitch
The last set of images we made in the woods was with Ingrid posing on the rich green moss that lined the banks of the river; I could have worked here all day, but the light was fading rapidly, Ingrid was cold, and both of us had finally decided to admit it was raining.

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