June 18, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part IX:Ingrid and Miranda at Sunset in Lochcarron, Scotland

At the end of the day, our host for the next 5 days lead us up to the back of his croft, where some weathered rocks and foundations gave us the perfect space to work with the dying light.
Digital infrared original
Made at the end of one of the best days in Scotland, this portrait of Ingrid and Miranda takes full advantage of the soft light coming from the setting sun being behind thick clouds to the left of the image.
Digital infrared original
The dramatic evening sky was made even more so in infrared, which was the focus of most of the compositions made here.With the surroundings being so important to the image, an ultra-wide lens was the logical choice, keeping Miranda the focus of the image, while still providing more than enough drama from the location to create a striking photograph.
Digital original, 5 frame stitch
Even after the sun was well and truly down, I kept photographing - on our way down from the ruined foundation, Ingrid clambered up a small tree, and asked if I could make some photographs of her in the space (after water, trees are Ingrid's second love).

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