August 18, 2008

Andree at the Coast

Digital infrared original
While Andree and I had driven for over an hour to get to this beach, the first set of images were actually made in the grasses and foliage beside the path to the beach - in infrared the images became luminous and delicate, with Andree surrounded by a filigree of white foliage.
Digital infrared original
My first time working in this area was with Cassandra, in 2001; at that time we never actually made it to the beach, being distracted by the lovely rocks on the other side of the peninsula. Once Andree and I made it to the beach, the session really took off; the rocks on the beach were just lovely to work with, and Andree had no problem finding poses that worked with the setting.
Digital original
It was quite challenging for Andree to stay still while the waves broke over her - it took a good half-dozen tries before I was certain we had one where here face and body was still.

August 14, 2008

A Heart

Digital original
I will forever remember the lesson of this image - it was made while working with a student on their back deck. They were bemoaning how limiting their camera was (a Canon Digital Elph), and wishing they had a "real camera" like mine. I caught sight of this petal lying near me, and asked if I could borrow their "limited" camera. After putting it into macro mode, and setting the focus point to the lower left, I made this image, and handed the camera back. I made my point.

August 13, 2008

Ingrid by the Coast (celebrating a decade of working together)

Digital original
This session marks the end of ten years of working with Ingrid; from our first session in 1998 to now, we have worked together well over 100 times, and have made some absolutely amazing images. While this session wasn't specifically a celebration of that work, it was totally awesome to realize we'd been working together for a decade as of this session.
Digital original, 2 frame shutter speed blend
Almost all this session focused on the contrast between Ingrid's form, and the raging ocean around her. I used a couple of neutral density filters to get slower shutter speeds, and emphasize the motion of the ocean around the rocks, and Ingrid's form.
Digital original
More than a dozen images of waves breaking around Ingrid were made to create this image - in almost every one, Ingrid moved because of the breaking waves...but with this one, everything came together. I love the mix of motion and stillness, like the world in general, all chaos, and silent, still beauty at once.

August 11, 2008

Ingrid & Miranda together at the Coast

Digital original, 5 frame stitch
This session was my first with Ingrid and Miranda since my return from Scotland. The late afternoon light was just beautiful to work with - doubly so when you can get it to reflect upon models from the wet beach they are posing upon.
Digital original
I have always loved making portraits as part of my work with the Nude, but not all models are comfortable with identified, so when they are (as Ingrid and Miranda both are), I never pass by a chance to make a strong portrait - especially one as lovely as the above.
Digital original, 4 frame stitch
The delicate soft light of the end of the day is great to work with, and even more pleasing when I can combine it with an image of Ingrid and Miranda.

August 06, 2008

Three Models at the Coast

When I head out to work with models in the landscape, I constantly watch the sky, as a forecast of the weather to come. For this session, we were fortunate to have beautiful overcast skies, and a nice breeze to keep everything from becoming too hot.
Digital infrared original
As three models were along for the session, for most of it, I alternated between them, but occasionally, a space called for more than one model, in which case I was able to draft one of the other two models into the pose. I frequently work with multiple models - friends or partners, but only a couple times have I had the chance to work with sisters, which is the case with this image.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
Later into the session, we came across this wonderful crevasse in the bedrock; just perfect for a body to emerge from. In infrared, the already sculptural elements of this composition are reinforced, creating an image of an alabaster figure in a sea of granite.
Digital infrared original, 15 frame stitch
One of the last compositions of the session, this image of S_ upon a massive glacial erratic again takes full advantage of the infrared camera; set in a lush green landscape, in colour this image would look very different, with the blue sky and green foliage fighting to draw the eye away from the Nude; in infrared, the placement of the Nude between the rock and sky is accentuated by the body's luminous skin, keeping the focus on the body, not the surroundings.

August 05, 2008

Ingrid Models at Herring Cove (marking the completion of 10 years of working together)

This session marks the completion of 10 years of working with Ingrid. From our first studio session, to working around Nova Scotia for years, to traveling for a week together in Scotland, Ingrid has helped me make some of the strongest images in by body of work with the Nude.
Digital original, 2 frame image blend, 9 frame stitch
As soon as I saw the triangular rock in this dark pool, I wanted an image of it. I was quite surprised that Ingrid could balance upon it, without falling into the water. I really wish I could have positioned the camera even higher, to have more of a top-down perspective, but as it was, I was rather precariously positioned.
Digital infrared original
After the first rock pool image, Ingrid was keen to make some more images working with the rock pool, with the above being the strongest - the lowering sky above, combined with the rich dark water from which she is emerging helps create a really haunting image.
Digital infrared original
The Nova Scotia shoreline is so rich in possibilities, I could spend my entire life photographing along it. This space is less than twenty minutes from where I live, and I have photographed in it for more than a decade, yet images like this are still made each time I set out to explore the space. Ingrid‘s ability to work with the landscape around her is always at the core of the images we create together - in this case, she positioned her body along the very edge of the rock, where it transitioned from horizontal, to vertical.
Digital original, 2 frame exposure blend
This image was made in the exactly same space as the previous one, but with the reverse camera angle - looking out from the crevasse, as opposed to towards it. We initially worked with the same pose too, but the disconnection between the lower plane of rock and that above didn't appeal to me, so I suggested Ingrid shift to lying on her back, and see if she could connect to the rock above physically - which pulled the whole image together.