June 15, 2008

Celebrating a Pregnancy

Digital infrared original
Twelve hours before Ingrid and I were to be on a plane to Scotland (to meet Miranda for a week of photography), I drove 90 minutes to work with L_, who was in her last month of pregnancy. As we didn't have much time, the first set of images were made in her backyard, which had some wonderful small birch trees to use as a setting.
Digital infrared original
There really is nothing as magical as pregnancy, and the chance to work with L_ was a real privilege, especially as we managed to fit it in so close to my departure for Scotland. Though the session was necessarily short, I did my best to make the most memorable images of the pregnancy that I could
Digital original, 2 frame exposure blend
After we finished working at her house, we took the short trip to the nearby Wentworth falls (which I have known about, but never been too); fortune shone upon us as we arrived to find it empty, and were able to make a number of images of L_ posing with the falls. I would have loved to be able to spend longer working with her, but I needed to head back to Halifax to prepare for my trip to Scotland.

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