June 25, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXIV:A Morning Exploring Skye

Digital original
There is no way to describe the beauty of the light in Scotland; clouds constantly swept over the landscape, each carrying a slightly different palette, painting the landscape below it with a light that was ever changing. I used a dark neutral density filter with the above image, to slightly blur the sky over the two minute exposure...further contributing to the magic of the location.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
There were only a handful of images in woods made in Scotland - not for lack of spaces or interest, but for the incredible voraciousness of midges - worse than anything in Canada, the little beasties set upon any exposed flesh within moments of entering woodland spaces. This didn't stop R_ from trying a couple of times - this image is from her second try, only moments before R_ bolted for the car with clothes in hand...fortunately the road was empty when she arrived, as I had the keys...
Digital original, 9 frame stitch
After a failed attempt at working in woods earlier in the day (which resulted in us being driven out in a mater of minutes by the midges), R_ and I made a small number of images on the high moorland, where it was too windy for the midges.

An interruption of a different sort did occur however, when a short time into the session, a police car pulled up, to let me know that my car was not parked properly (I had not pulled off the road far enough, and was considered to be still on the passing area); through the whole conversation, R_ was nude, crouched down in the grass, in full view of the officer. His last question was "And how are you today, madam?" R_ answered she was great...to which he wished us a great day, and drove off. R_ stood up, and looking up at the road, asked "He did see I was naked, right?" All I could do is shrug, and suggest we continue with the session.

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