June 28, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXXIII: Driving Further West in Mainland Scotland

Digital original
On our last full day of working together in Scotland, R_ asked if we could do a Nude in a phone box; we'd seen several on our travels, but all were too public to work for such an idea. As luck would have it however,  on our drive across the heart of the Cairngorms, we came across a box on a corner, with nothing to be seen in any direction; with some hesitation (as a car could come along at any moment) we set about making this image...without a doubt the silliest we made in Scotland.
Digital original
Kildrummy Castle  was built in around 1250. The swift moving skies of Scotland were perfect for long exposures, which I’ve always found lovely, but even more beautiful when combined with an ancient castle ruin.
Digital original
I really enjoyed photographing Kildrummy, in part because the infrared camera worked really well with the space, creating haunting images of the ruins.

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