February 28, 2007

Another Session with Ingrid and Skulls

Digital infrared original
This session was an oddity for Ingrid and I; so much of our work together is focused on bodies in landscape that it is unusually for the two of us to work together indoors. A month earlier, we had spent some time working with some small skulls, and this session was planned as a continuation of that approach.
Digital infrared original
Much of the first half of the session was spent focused on portraits - Ingrid's comfort with modeling really comes across in portraits, and the natural luminosity of the infrared camera worked well with the white sheets Ingrid posed upon.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
The end of the session had us returning to the skulls, but this time, I worked with a little more distance, emphasizing the delicate scale of the skulls against Ingrid's body.

February 11, 2007

The Magic of Digital infrared

Digital original
I am occasionally asked why I prefer to work with infrared cameras so much; I have few examples as powerful as that of mussels; in IR, they are just SO different from in colour (the irony of course being that I never use infrared images in colour...but the blue is so pretty in this case!).
Digital infrared original

February 05, 2007

a Second Session with Elena Indoors

This portrait of Elena is from my first session working with an infrared converted Nikon D80, and overall I am very pleased. And Elena is one of the only models I have worked with who’s eyes go lighter in IR, not darker!
Digital infrared original
Working with the IR converted D80 was a great improvement over the previous IR camera (a D70); the RGB histogram made an immediate difference in creating accurate exposures, and the increased resolution (10 mp vs 6mp) was welcome as well.
Digital infrared original
In many ways, my winter indoor sessions are practice; as much as I like the results, they never resonate with me as strongly as images of the Nude outdoors; with Elena however, there is an extra edge to these images - her face carries beautifully in portraits, and help strengthen the images overall.
Digital infrared original