June 24, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXII: R_ at the Fairy Pools

Digital infrared original
Even before we got to the Fairy Pools proper, R_ and I stopped to make a set of images; beside the path was a wonderfully weathered tree, long dead, which provided a lovely contrast to R_'s skin tone, especially when recorded in infrared.
Digital infrared original
It was surprisingly hard to work with rivers in Scotland; often the water was coming directly from rain, so temperature wasn't an issue, but usually the rivers were very swift, which meant for the most part, we worked beside them, as opposed to in them. In this case, R_ and I were fortunate to find some wonderful water-carved pockets beside the main river for her to pose in.
Digital original, 3 frame shutter speed blend, two frame stitch
R_ and I made a whole series of water-focused images at the Fairy Pools, but the above photograph, mixing a long shutter speed in the water below her, and a a shorter one for the pool above her is my favorite. The magical blend of two ways of working with water really works for me, and R_'s pose is a perfect divider between the two.
Digital original
Anyone who says the reason to visit Scotland is the castles, or landscape, or culture is missing the real reason to visit - baby highland cattle!

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