June 16, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part I: Arriving in Scotland

Digital original
About a year after I first conceived of a photo trip to Scotland, and perhaps 8 months since I first spoke about my plans in public, myself and Ingrid landed in Scotland. My last time in Scotland was almost thirty years earlier, so I was really looking forward to reconnecting with the place. The trip from Canada was more challenging than expected, with the charter plane more than 4 hours delay in departing (which put us arriving at noon, as opposed to 8am); and I don't sleep well on planes.
Digital infrared original
We met Miranda (who was already in the UK) in the Glasgow Airport, picked up a rental car, and then headed north towards the highlands. We made a couple of stops (as much to keep ourselves fed, watered and awake as because we saw something to stop for), and I made a handful of photographs each time, feeling slightly awed to be finally in Scotland, after months of planning.
Digital infrared original
At our second stop on the drive north, there was a small graveyard behind the church-become-craft store, and I saw a grave to one Robert Steward - I mad to make a photo of it, being such a quintessentially Scottish name.

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