November 05, 2011

Fall Retreat Day Two (Cape D'Or, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 6 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
The morning light over Nova Scotia was quite interesting - as the sun moved up, it began streaming through the clouds, and providing some really great highlights in an otherwise bland sky.
Digital infrared original
Along the beach at nearby Advocate Harbour, a line of piles had been driven into the shore to prevent erosion. They were great to explore photographically.
Digital original
The last light of the day was even more colourful than the night before; the sky was a rich shade of orange, with only a few scattered clouds to provide relief.

November 04, 2011

Fall Retreat Day One (Cape D'Or, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The sunset across the Bay of Fundy was just perfect; a long low band of red lit up the horizon, below a delicate clouded sky.
Digital original
The standing waves that formed at the end of the point at Cape D'or were fascinating to watch, and even more interesting to photograph. With the right shutter speed, the began to look like panned photographs, even though the camera was absolutely still.
Digital original, 12 frame exposure blend, 4 frame stitch
My favourite image of the sunset, this includes all the elements that worked so well - the dramatic colour of the sunset along the horizon, the strong lines in the sky, and the standing waves of the tidal rip off the point.