May 28, 2017

Áilleacht Nádúrtha Exhibition Installation (ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The front wall of ViewPoint Gallery

The installation of Áilleacht Nádúrtha represents my most recent implementation of my frame-less exhibition approach; each image was mounted on expanded PVC, and then floated 1/2" off the gallery wall.
The left side and back wall
With 24 prints in sizes ranging from 16"x24" to 24"x54", the frame-less method permitted me to show more larger prints than would have been possible if they had been traditionally framed.
The back wall and right wall
Another advantage of this display method is that there was nothing between the viewer and the images - no glass, no mat!
The reverse view of the gallery, with the left wall and front wall.

May 10, 2017

Spring in the Public Gardens (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
I have always loved shallow depth of field - in portraits, in Nudes, and in landscapes...but it is not all that common to make an image that really works will with a larger this case, the spring buds on the tree were just the thing to focus on!
Digital original
Easily the most traditional shallow depth of field subject would be macro images - in this case, spring flowers covered in rain-drops, set against a soft, diffused background. A large aperture, combined with a long (150mm) lens makes this kind of image quite easy to realize!
Digital original
The last image continues to embrace the shallow depth of field motif - this time focusing on a magnolia blossom set against the large pond at the Public Gardens.