June 19, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XI:Ingrid and Miranda in the Bothy

A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. This one was near Strathcarron, and according to our host, several hundred years old.
Digital original, 6 frame exposure blend
When we first came upon the building, I was dubious, as it looked very low, and had a newer (though totally dilapidated) corrugated iron roof. Once we entered the building however, everything changed. The light within was magical, and though the roof might be newer (a relative term in this case), I could clearly see the ancient, worm-eaten beams were ancient, and all hand hewn.

The first image made in this incredible space was an exposure blend of Miranda standing by a window...which looked directly into a wall of foliage.
Digital original, 12 frame exposure blend
A soon as I went outside on this side of the bothy, and saw this window frame, I knew I wanted to make a photograph using it, and with the red hue in Miranda's hair. It was hard getting the camera in position, with all the overgrowth that surrounded the old building, but once I pushed it all to the side, the image came together swiftly.
Digital original, 7 frame exposure blend
While it was dark with the bothy, the light coming through this doorway was just beautiful. I'd already made a portrait of Miranda in the same space, but the light was so perfect I asked Ingrid if she'd join Miranda in the same space. This is my favorite portrait from Scotland, made all the stronger for being of two of my closest friends. In colour, this would have been overwhelmingly green, but with the infrared camera, all the light reflected from the foliage flooded into the bothy, bathing the models with lovely light.

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