June 29, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXXVII: Stirling & Edinburgh, Scotland

Digital original, 4 frame stitch
The castle of Stirling is a on a majestic rocky spur that commands the landscape for miles around.
Digital original
Near to Stirling, the Wallace Monument was completed in 1869, and commemorates the most famous leader of the early Scottish Wars of Independence.
Digital original
I arrived in Edinburgh in the late afternoon, and after finding my B&B (a task in itself), I headed downtown to walk about with a camera. As with all the remaining days of my trip, I was drawn to architecture, and found myself photographing this single church for a good fifteen minutes, as the evening light (good until well after 10pm) slowly changed in the sky above.
Digital original
I only had one evening to photograph in Edinburgh, but with sunset sometime after 10pm, there was plenty of light to work with, even after I was finished a relaxing dinner.
Digital original
I would have loved to get into St Giles' Cathedral, but given the late hour, all I could do was satisfy myself with photographing the exterior. This view from a nearby arch was a great way to downplay the bright, backlit sky.

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