April 12, 1990

A First Studio Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm film
For most of this session, I explored a variety of body-scape images; I actually did make some stong portraits, but as I was not asking for model releases at this point, and the internet was not even a word at the time, I am not sharing the portrait images (unless I someday reconnect with the model, and gain permission!).
5"x7" film
This photo is something of a foreshadow of where my work would head in a decade; this was my first session working with a 5"x7" view camera, and while it was a short lived experiment, it laid the seeds for my eventual evolution to larger view cameras (8"x10" in 2000).
6x6 cm film
Towards the end of the session, I experimented with light coming from a dramatic angle; fortunately the model had long, thick hair which made for a great photograph.