June 23, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XVIII:My First Sessions with R_ in Scotland

When planning the 2008 Scotland trip, I had only planned to spend the first week working with models; Ingrid would fly over with me, and we'd meet up with Miranda, and then the two women would head back to Nova Scotia, while I stayed another 10 days and photographed on my own. All this changed however, when R_ found out about the trip, and offered to fly over from Europe, and spend a full week working with me!
Digital infrared original

This was one of the first image of R_ I made in Scotland; we were along side a small river beside the road, and I’d hoped it was early enough in the morning that the midges would be still “sleeping”. Sadly, one pose after this image, they rose in their hordes and drove us out of the forest. This would be one of only a couple of images with trees made over the next week...just too many midges.

When doing my research for this trip to Scotland, Dunscaith Castle (also known as Dun Sgathaich Castle, Dun Scaith, and Tokavaig) was the first location I really set my heart on visiting; after a long and wiggly drive along a single-track road, we parked and walked out to a headland, with an ancient castle in ruins upon it. 
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
R_ and I had hoped to work with in the ruins of the castle itself, but it proved to be full of nettles, so we worked with the ruins of the gatehouse, at the top of the approach to the castle proper (the only parts of the castle without stinging nettles). The above image was as high as we could go without extreme discomfort and pain.
Digital infrared original
The final set of images in Dunscaith Castle were made exploring the possibilities under the gatehouse, where a low arch spanned a deep ditch; I left this to the end of the session as it was a space that was in plain view of the road, some  400m away. When I saw R_'s body set against the distant mountains, I knew the image, one of the last of the session would be strong.

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