July 02, 2018

Carol & Ingrid (Dawson Brook, Nova Scotia)

For Carol's second session, she was keen to continue working with water, so we headed to Dawson Brook (which I have worked with since 2000). As with the previous session, Ingrid also joined us, as she enjoyed working with Carol during her first session, and always loves working in water.
Digital infrared original

The first set of images was of Carol lying upon a rock shelf, where the water moved around her in a soft cascade. One of the challenges of working with moving water (as opposed to a water pool) is keeping still - I typically make 4 or more exposures of the same composition to ensure one is sharper than the rest.
Digital infrared original
After finishing the first image set with Carol, I switched to working with Ingrid - and took a very different approach. As she worked her way into the river, I clambered up the side of the ravine the brook is within, and looked down upon the scene below. Using a long lens (135mm) I was able to flatten the space out, and provide a very different perspective on a setting I have worked with for almost two decades. Part of the reason this approach worked is Ingrid's strong posing ability - there was no way to communicate over the distance between us, so it was only hand-signals and years of experience working together that made the distant composition possible.
Digital infrared original
The final set of photographs were made at the base of the falls; I have worked here numerous times, and always found it challenging to compose images that capture the full drama of the falls, but keep the figure from being dwarfed by the space. The obvious solution is to be close to the model, but given there is a 2 metre deep water pool in the way, this is never going to happen...so the above is about as good as it gets!

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