July 14, 2018

Summer Light Field Trip #2 (Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Burntcoat Head has long been one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia to photograph; only its distance from Halifax stops it from being one of my common photographic locations. Fortunately, enough Summer Light participants agreed the drive would be worth it, and with the weather gods smiling upon us, we arrived a couple of hours before sunset, to find the light soft and even (and of course, due to careful planning, the tide low).
Digital original, 3 image exposure blend
While I did make some images with long lenses, every image that really shone during this session was made with an ultra-wide (17mm on full frame); I continually utilized my tilt-shift lens to emphasize the space, and prevent distortion.
Digital original
In the end, the entire session was really enjoyable; I couldn't have asked for better light, soft and even, and yet the time of day, with the sun nearing the horizon, still provided some direction and drama.

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