July 31, 2018

Hailey's Solo Session (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 5 image mean blend
Though we'd first worked together a month earlier, this was the first chance for Hailey and I to work together at the coast on our own; we decided to work as Prospect, as it was an area both of us know well. The opening set of images was made in an area well past where I'd explored to date; Hailey posed upon a series of water-smoothed granite rocks that were continually washed-over by the ocean. Each time a wave would bury Hailey, she would surface smiling and laughing - much like Ingrid, she absolutely loves working with water.
Digital infrared original, 2 image stitch
 As we moved along the cost, we continually found inspiration. The sky was lovely as the day moved into evening, and presented some wonderful clouds to use as a backdrop. All through the session we moved between images of Hailey in the ocean, surrounded by rocks and seaweed, and her posing on the shoreline, set against the evening sky.
Digital infrared original

The final images for this session was made in one of my favourite locations to work in - the Eye of the World (Megan was the first model I photographed here in 1999). I'd hoped for some clouds in the sky at sunset, but for the most part, the sky was clear. The water in the pool was warm however, and Hailey worked through a full set of poses before we called the session to a close, and headed back to the car, and a warm drink for Hailey.

Digital original, 7 image exposure blend, 3 image stitch


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