July 16, 2018

Fortress of Louisbourg #2 (Louisbourg, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
This morning saw the reproduction fortress of Louisbourg shrouded in fog, which made for great photographs. I had more than an hour to photograph the site before the doors opened for tourists, which was a real treat!
Digital original
There is nothing more haunting than a tower in the mist! Combined with a long lens (135mm) and a large aperture (f/2) it builds a beautiful image of a glimpse into the past.
Digital original
By far the best part of visiting Louisbourg during tourist hours is being able to photograph the animators; this man was working by the window of the forge, and could not have been in better light!
Digital original, 4 frame exposure blend
At the end of the day, I went for a drive to the coast, and got a glimpse of the main bastion as the sun moved lower in the sky - with the overgrown ruins of the rest of the town in the foreground!

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