July 07, 2018

Summer Light Field Trip #1 (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
I have photographed Prospect for over 20 years, but still find it an inspiring, engaging location. The rolling sheets of bedrock scattered with glacial erratics is incredibly beautiful. The timing of this field trip, in the last hours of the day, provided beautiful angular light which played out beautifully across the rock surface. The above image is of my favourite rock at Prospect, which I have used numerous times in images of the nude (including the second image in this session from 1997)
Digital infrared original
A great discovery during this field trip was a small tool edged in richly coloured deep green seaweed; in colour it was interesting, but when I switched to working in infrared, the seaweed really came to life! The resulting image (above) has a strong sense of motion and direction, almost as if the seaweed was lava flowing out of the small pool onto the rocks around it.
Digital original, 5 image stitch
The field trip end was timed with the sunset, and with the participants positioned on the top of the headland, we had a wonderful view of the majesty of the oncoming night. Hopson Island was set below a delicate blue-pink sky, which was just so lovely to photograph.

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