July 15, 2018

Fortress of Louisbourg #1, (Louisbourg, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, two image stitch
A long-planned short trip focused on an overnight stay in the Fortress of Louisbourg, a replica of a french fort and town built in Cape Breton in the 18th century; the rented house was inside the walls of the fortress, which provided free range to the fortress after the site closed to the public...which was fabulous, and lead to some great photos (and burned popcorn).
Digital original
The evening light was lovely, casting soft directional light onto the dozens of replica buildings that form the heart of the historic site. It was challenging finding a composition that left out any hint of the modern age, but the above turned out pretty well.
Digital original, 3 frame exposure blend
As sunset arrived, I was on the walls, photographing the main gate; a three exposure blend (HDR) was necessary to capture all the detail in the sky, and still be able to see into the moat below me.
Digital original
The last images of the day were spent close to midnight, experimenting with painting with light; for the most part the fortress was completely dark, and I was able to light the buildings with a flashlight during a long exposure. This image, of the water gate, saw the distant light of the town across the bay add the light on the back side of the building.

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