June 20, 2018

Carol's First Session, working with Ingrid (Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Carol contacted me about working together in the fall of 2017, and after a couple of meetings, we finally managed to set up a first session in late June of 2018. I suggested Ingrid join us on the first session, both a company, professional support (Carol is an experienced life model, but has never modeled for photographs before), and potentially as a second model. I decided to head to one of my favorite locations for the session, and within minutes of arriving at the coast, the session was underway.
Digital original

Though very comfortable with the nudity portion of the process, Carol found working in a natural setting quite different from her usual modeling work (within a classroom or artist studio), and much of the early portion of the session was spent working with her on posing and positioning. The results reflected our efforts however, and after 45 minutes, Carol and I had made a number of really pleasing images.
Digital infrared original
The real potential of the session, however, was revealed when Ingrid joined Carol in modeling. Carol had seen my work with Ingrid already, and was keen to work with a more experienced model. From my perspective, where the earlier images of Carol were a continuation of work I've done over several decades of photographing at Polly's Cove, the chance to work with the two models in a familiar setting took the session into new territory.
Digital infrared original
By the time we wrapped up, I had made a number of really striking compositions of the two models, exploring both the interplay between their figures, and the contrast between the bodies and the landscape around them. Ingrid's comfort with working with other models really shone, and the end of session, Carol's introduction to my work was complete - and she was keen to build upon it.

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