July 28, 2018

Summer Light Field Trip #3 (Scotts Bay, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
With a little internal pat on the back, the field trip participants and I arrived at Scotts Bay to find several kilometers of  low-tide stretching in front of us (meaning I read the tide-table properly). Within minutes, the group was spreading out over the beach, hunting for subjects to work with. My first really engaging composition was the above, where the outgoing tide shaped the sand around the rocks.
Digital original, three image exposure blend
As I wandered across the beach, I grew more and more interested in the little rivulets that form around the various rocks that litter the shore. As the evening progressed, the sky gradually changed from a flat overcast gray to having more variation, which made for more interesting results.
Digital original
By the time the evening was drawing to a close, I had latched onto the rivulets as my real focus for the evening, and was madly hunting them. It did amaze me that even six hours after the ocean receded, there was still water running off of the beach, and shaping the sand.

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