July 05, 2018

Carol & Ingrid in a River (Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 18 image mean blend
I think the easiest way to explain why I love working with water so much is it provide such a strong visual connection to the lines of the body. The smooth current of a river mirrors the flow of a breast, hip or thigh. As my favorite river to work with is currently a construction sight, the three of us went further afield, and worked just off the highway, in a small river coming out of a lake.
Digital infrared original, 2 image shutter blend
This location is perfect for the end of the day, as much of the site is sheltered from direct evening light by the trees that line its eastern bank. This means that regardless of the quality of the light, on the river itself the light is ways soft and even. This plays particularly well with infrared images, where soft light makes the model's skin become luminous and bright.
Digital original, 10 image mean blend
Right at the end of the session, the sun broke through the clouds, and provided a bright shock of white on the river, where it flowed out of the lake. I immediately shifted my angle to include the full flow of the river, and asked Carol and Ingrid if they could pose along the river's edge. The dramatic perspective of the wide lens worked well the focus the lines of the models towards the light, and overall, it was a great composition with which to finish the session.
Digital original, 2image focus blend
The last image (above) is shared just as it occurred to me - a surprise at the close of the session, seen moments before I placed the gear in the car and headed back to Halifax. A moment of simple beauty in the last night of the day.

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