June 27, 2018

20 Years of Working with Ingrid Part 2 (Taylor Head Beach, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
The second part of the 20 year celebration session with Ingrid was spent working on the beach at Taylor Head. We'd waited until well after dinner to move to the beach, and found it deserted (the combination of working on a weekday, and being in the evening worked in our favour). Not wanting to push our luck too much, we walked far from the parking lot before starting to work, setting up to make our first images on a rocky outcrop. By this time, the evening sky was beginning to take shape, with sweeping clouds flowing along the coastline of Nova Scotia. The above image takes full advantage of this, with Ingrid's pose mirroring the line of the sky above her.

Digital infrared original, 2 image stitch
The evening session on the beach was quite a contrast to the earlier session on the rocky coast (though ironically, both sessions focused on working with Ingrid posing on rock). Where the afternoon was spent working in a wide number of spaces quickly, the evening session saw us working slower, and more deliberately with a smaller number of settings, exploring each in detail before moving onto the next location.
Digital original

The greatest surprise of the session, and a gift of sorts, was the realization, after the sun set, that the night was one with a full moon. This has only happened to me once before, and it was in fact during a 2007 session with Ingrid, so it seemed oddly appropriate. We finished the session up with a moon-rise portrait (a tribute of sorts to Ingrid's 2016 victory over cancer) bringing the session to the close!
Digital original

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