July 23, 2018

Carol & Ingrid on the Coast (Polly Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
In many ways, this session was more a continuation of Carol's first session (which was both held at Polly Cove, and with Ingrid); where that session worked slowly towards the coast however, this one began right at the water's edge, working with the two models set against the surge of the open Atlantic Ocean.
Digital infrared original
As the session progressed, though I spent time with each model separately, I continually returned to working with both together, finding the dynamic of two models working together really engaging. Again and again, I'd think I'd made the best image in a particular setting, and then suggest the other model come into the composition, and see how they could build on the initial image, only to find the subsequent two-model version was stronger than the inspiration.
Digital infrared original
Only at the very end of the session did I finally make an image which the two models could no trump. As the sun was headed towards the horizon (behind the fog), I asked Ingrid if she would be able to work in a small water pool, thinking that if she placed her shoulders on the rock shelf directly below the camera, her body could stretch out into the pool. That worked fabulously, but when we added the second model to the composition, it lost all the simplicity and balance, and just didn't work.

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