December 23, 2007

Working with Direct Sunlight

Digital infrared original
After working so much with soft light lately (achieved by throwing sheets over windows) on this particularly sunny December day, I decided to embrace the light side, and work with direct sunlight. The greatest challenge of this of course is exposure, but with a careful eye on my histograms, it didn't present any real issues.
Digital infrared original
As much as I curse when I have to work with direct sunlight - late in the day it can be extremely beautiful, even indoors! Much of my attention was placed on the negative space in these images - both the shadows cast by the model, and the highlights case behind her by the sun. In the above image, it was these elements which guided the composition.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
The most interesting image to come out of this session was the above; I really like the bold shape of the window cast upon the wall, and being made in infrared, there was a lower contrast than it would have had in colour, providing a more "natural look" than the harsher look of a more traditional approach.

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