December 23, 2007

Christina & Miles Model Together (Halifx, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Though there are two models in this session, it's focus was not to be on intimacy or relationships (as Christina and Miles had never modeled together before, this only made sense). The first image, above, took full advantage of the light, and even incorporates the sheers I use over my windows to diffuse hard sunlight.
Digital infrared original
All through the session, I focused on compare/contrast between the two models. I think there is some unwritten tale behind the above image - the power of both figures is striking, but very different in tone from each other.
Digital infrared original
I have always had a real attraction to simple, clean compositions - which, when combined with large areas of negative space, can lead to some very pleasing results. Direct sunshine in an indoor space also makes this approach easier, given how deep and dark the shadows become.

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