December 11, 2007

Surface Tension Session (2007) #1 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

When ViewPoint Gallery decided to change location in the fall of 2007, I realized I'd have an unprecedented opportunity; during the renovations of the new space, I'd have access to an empty space which would be perfect to set up a water pool studio. After securing rental of the studio for a couple of days in December, I set about designing a water pool to work with, and the lighting set up.
Digital infrared original, 6 image stitch
The first session of the two days of photography was with C_; though she hadn't worked in any of the earlier pool explorations in Moncton, she had looked through the results, and was more than keen to help me explore the possibilities.
Digital infrared original
The best part of working in the new gallery space was how much room there was, both to set up the pool and lighting, and to move around in. The camera angle turned out to almost as important as the model's pose, and it was great to have so much room to move around in.

Digital infrared original, 13 image stitch

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