December 12, 2007

Surface Tension Session (2007) #7 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 6 frame stitch
Ingrid has no great love for studio photography, but with the water-pool project, she was completely within her element! Between modeling on her own and with Miranda, she ended up posing in the pool four times over two days. I am always tempted to show this image a s a vertical, like the model is coming out of a wall of mercury, as opposed to emerging from water.
Digital infrared original
As I continue to push the water-pool images forward, I am realizing that much like working with the Nude outdoors, there are only so many way to position the body so it works at the surface of the water; the strength of the images lies in the happenstance of the water motion as opposed to the success of the pose.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch

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