December 11, 2007

Surface Tension Session (2007) #3 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The third session with the new water pool was with Miranda, who's been one of my most constant models over the past eight years. Her comfort with modeling gave me the freedom to experiment with motion, something that didn't work well in the smaller pool I used in Moncton.
Digital infrared original
One advantage of using studio flash with the water pool images was its ability to freeze motion. In this case, I asked Miranda to repeat a motion that produced interesting ripples in the water around her. The success rate was incredibly low (perhaps 80-100 images for each success, but when it worked, the results were quite striking.

This image was featured in the 2008 exhibition “Memory of Water”.
Digital infrared original, 8 image stitch
The more I work with the pools, the more focused I am on the beauty of still water; the beautiful reflection of Miranda's leg, hip and torso couldn't be more beautiful.
Digital infrared original
The best thing about this session with Miranda was that her partner was also posing with her; the added model made the photos a little more challenging to make (two bodies are harder to pose than one, at times), but the results were really pleasing.
Digital infrared original

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