December 26, 2007

Victoria and I Celebrate a Decade Anniversary

Digital original, 6 frame stitch
Victoria‘s been overseas for several years, completing her education, but fortunately for me, every time she’s come home to visit, she’s made some time to work with me, continuing to build on the images we first made together in 1998. With the particular image, I just revel in the beauty of the colour, which overlays the already lovely lines of her outstretched body.
Digital infrared original
As has been such a strong theme over recent indoor sessions, the brilliant light that comes in through my windows played a strong role in this session. The strong back-lighting provided beautiful light  for Victoria's hip, and her pose, with the averted face, is really quite pleasing.
Digital infrared original
The end of the session saw me taking the sheets of of the windows, and working with the hard, direct sunshine. Victoria and I experiment with a number of different poses, but the above was the one that had the best mix of strength and beauty.

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  1. The reclining picture of Victoria is such a classic nude. And as always, the colour is so beautifully subtle.


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