December 16, 2007

Micro Photography of Glass (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The joy of macro can really explode when combined with the right subject; a friend had given me some glass work experiments he'd recently "failed with". When held in the hand, these 5" glass disks were a nondescript mess of dull colours, but when viewed through a macro lens (with extension tubes, providing a larger-than-life-sized magnification) the real beauty was revealed.
Digital original
The hardest part of this set of images was getting enough of the subject in focus. I tried hard to keep the glass I was photographing parallel to the camera, but with such high magnifications, I was battling the opposite issues of depth of field, and diffraction; with f/8 providing an effective aperture of f/16 at life-sized, and my camera beginning to suffer diffraction at f/16, I was pretty much stuck using one aperture, which gave very limited depth of field.
Digital original

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