December 11, 2007

Surface Tension Session (2007) #5 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 8 image stitch
The final session of the first day working with the water pool in Halifax was spent working with B_; she'd posed for me before both indoors and out, but this was our first time working together in a studio setting.
Digital infrared original
The image above I particularly like, even though the water pool is only a minor part of the composition; the curve of the shoulder and hip, the wet hair, and fine water drops on B_'s skin are beautiful.
Digital infrared original
All through the three days of working with the waterpool set, I continually returned to archetypal images - in this case, portraits of each model with their head emerging from the water. The great pleasure of working with so many models in the same set was that each approached the same basic directions in their own unique ways!

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