December 12, 2007

Surface Tension Session (2007) #9 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
This was the last session in two days of working with the purpose-built water pool; by this session all the glitches had been worked out, and I was really focused on the images, as opposed to the techniques.
Digital infrared original, 8 frame stitch
The biggest challenge with the Surface Tension series was making full-body images; while I'd made the pool 8' (2.5m) long the custom soft box I used to light it didn't light the entire surface evenly. As a result, while I could make full-body compositions, the illumination fall-off in the resulting images was really frustrating.
Digital infrared original
Even with such a staged environment as the water pool, spontaneity and fleeting moments influence my work. Towards the end of the session, The model was sweeping water off her face, when I caught a glimpse of the motion, and the parallel lines of her arms. I asked her to stay that way until the water settled around her...and then made the image. So it is a posed-spontaneity.

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