August 16, 1997

Aeyla by the ocean (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

4"x5" film
This was the third session with Aeyla this summer, and our second attempt at photographing at Prospect. This time the weather held and we had a glorious sunny day with fluffy white clouds. Much of what was produced in this session revolved around the wealth of rocks and rock-fields that abound at Prospect - after working in the woods on the previous session, I felt really freed by the expansive nature of the rocks flowing down to the sea. 
4"x5" film
Another influence on this session was that Joy accompanied us - it didn't influence my imaging as much as my mood -there was a new-found confidence and a freshness to the work which I am not sure comes across in the work. I took risks and made choices which I would have shied away from previously. My increasing awareness of the power of imagery and symbolism within her poetry has permitted me to draw upon this in my photography, drawing visual metaphors into my work in a way I had never contemplated previously. The fear of being seen as obvious has become overshadowed by the possibilities of extending meaning through parallels.
6x12 cm film

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