January 30, 2015

Surface Tension (2015) Session #8 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Stephanie first contact me specifically about modeling in water in 2008, and we first met face to face during the Memory of Water exhibition opening later that year. Since then we've worked together numerous times, but this was her first chance to work with water and me in an indoor context.
Digital infrared original
With Stephanie, I continued exploring water sheeting off skin. Again, repetition proved to be the key, as while reviewing images in camera I noticed how the water formed almost a blanket around Stephanie's waist. Returning to photographing, I focused my attention on this element, and using the more responsive infra-red converted Canon 5D MKII, I was able to time the image with the peak of the motion, yielding several strong results, the best of which is displayed here.
Digital original
In many ways, the hardest thing to overcome in these sessions was my tendnacy to continually repeat combinations that have worked in the past; repeatedly I photographed models posing parallel to the camera, for the simple reason that I knew it worked. Pushing against this, I tried hard to explore the possibilies of models oriented at more extreme angles; in this case, the result was really pleasing.
There's no way these images could have been made without the kindness, encouragement and support of Steve Richard and Shadowhouse Studios.

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