January 28, 2015

Surface Tension (2015) Session #3 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
After finishing the set of images of Jenn and Krista, Jenn got out of the pool to dry off, and I spent another twenty minutes photographing Krista on her own. We began with a set of portraits with Krista just emerging from the water's surface; this image, with the near perfect reflection of Krista's face was by far the best of the several dozen I made of this composition (the simple truth of working with models in water is a huge number of images need to be made to accommodate the unpredictable nature of moving water).
Digital infrared original
While the majority of my focus during these sessions was on making images of bodies emerging from smooth, glass-like water, there were times with the movement of the water across the body was just lovely; in this case, the pool water was lapping across the small of Krista's back, leaving behind the smallest pool along the base of her spine.
Digital original
Every time I have worked with the Nude in water pools in studios, I have made images like this - the incredible simplicity of a torso just the the water's surface is everything that the Surface Tension series is about.

There's no way these images could have been made without the kindness, encouragement and support of Steve Richard and Shadowhouse Studios.

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