January 29, 2015

Surface Tension (2015) Session #5 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The last session of the first day working with the large pool was with Miranda; she was a major part of the 2007 water pool series, and I was ecstatic when she said she'd be up for working with me in the larger pool - and that was BEFORE she learned it was heated!
Digital original
By this time, I was really aware of how long it took for the water surface to calm down, and impressed upon Miranda the importance of keeping still once we found a pose that worked; she did so perfectly, and the majority of the images we made together see her body rising out of an unbroken sea of light - exactly what I'd envisioned when preparing for this.
Digital original
The last set of images worked with Miranda's hair cascading over her torso, and surfacing in the water around her shoulder; I explored a variety of compositions, with and without Miranda's head, and finally settled on this version where the frame completes with her hair forming a miniature Sargasso Sea around her breast as it emerges from the water.
There's no way these images could have been made without the kindness, encouragement and support of Steve Richard and Shadowhouse Studios.

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