January 31, 2015

Surface Tension (2015) Session #10 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The final session of my two days of access to the large indoor pool was spent working with Jaime; this was only her second time modeling Nude, and her first time working in a studio, but the results were really pleasing.
Digital original
One of the only challenges of working with Jaime was working around her tattoos; fortunately, there are a number of view planes across her torso which avoids them, and permitted me to make images that met my aesthetic. This image is one of my favourite from the two days of work because of the simple beauty of her face's reflection in the water - for me it is one of the more surreal photographs of the series.
Digital original, 2 frame focus blend
The last composition of two days of photography....the last composition from 10 sessions with 8 models, using two cameras, resulting in over 140gb of RAW files, and taking almost two weeks of editing to cull down to the final photographs. A brilliant way to spend two chilly days in the middle of a Nova Scotian winter.
There's no way these images could have been made without the kindness, encouragement and support of Steve Richard and Shadowhouse Studios.

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